Wednesday, May 25, 2016

20-Year-Old Japanese Pop Star Stabbed 20 Times by A Stalker

Japanese Pop Star Stabbed, Mayu Tomita
Japanese Pop Star  Mayu Tomita
NBC News, reports 20-year-old Japanese pop star and college student Mayu Tomita is fighting for her life after being repeatedly stabbed in the chest and neck before a performance in Tokyo on Saturday.

Tomohiro Iwazaki, 27 an alleged stalker was arrested for the stabbing at the scene.
Japanese Pop Star Stabbed, Mayu Tomita
Tomohiro Iwazaki
Mayu Tomita became a household name after she starred in an online series in 2011 called Secret Girls in which she and 4 other young Japanese women show their "normal junior high school girls lives but also lead secret lives as J-Pop stars." She began performing live after that.

Tomita also alerted the authorities about Tomohiro Iwazaki who was stalking her earlier this month. Iwazaki was harassing her on Twitter and her blog about a present he sent her that she allegedly returned to him upon receiving. Iwazaki allegedly admitted the crime of stabbing Tomita who is still unconscoius.

On her last blog post, Tomito wrote that unfortunate day she was excited about the upcoming performance.   

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