Thursday, May 19, 2016

Joe Jonas and Ashley Graham "Toothbrush" Teaser

Joe Jonas, Ashley Graham, Toothbrush, teaser, Photo,

This is hot Joe Jonas, 26, and Ashley Graham, 29 gets really intimate with each other in this teaser picture. DNCE (Joe Jonas band) will be releasing the music video for their single "Toothbrush", Ashley will play as the love interest of Jonas.

The video is not out yet but it looks steamy hot from the teaser picture above. Joe Jonas band really proves that they do fantastic music and are here to stay. Getting Ashley Graham for the music video is the right move.

After leaving the Jonas Brothers, Joe has ventured to much adult themed, much sexier projects. “Toothbrush,” is all about the phase in a relationship when the couple are leaving their toothbrush in one person's apartment, basing on the teaser it's going to be super sexy.

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